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Bulgari Diagono

The Bulgari Diagono watch is the brand’s pioneering lineage for its bezel with diagonal design and an unexpected combination of materials, where Aluminium and Titanium stand out. In fact, its name “Diagono” comes from ancient Greek word that means competition, and determines the nature of this Bulgari’s lineage.
Bulgari Diagono, with its distinctive and peculiar design, combines gold and rubber, aluminum or titanium with a vulcanized black rubber. Titanium Diagono are extremely light and resistant wristwatches. Hand-applied dial indicators with rhodium plated luminescent hands and bi-directional rotating bezel place this linage into the category of professional watches, suitable for different kinds of sports and activities such as scuba-diving, traveling, time-kept races.
Bulgari Diagono has exceptionally complete technical characteristics. It may include automatic movement with 42 hour power reserve, chronograph, GMT with 3 time zones, AM/PM indicator. Bulgari Diagono lineage has an extremely precise and reliable chronometer function, which was certified by the COSC “Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres”, a Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.
This watch is manufactured to undergo the most extreme conditions, to run faithfully in the water, in the air or on the earth, keeping extremely accurate time.
Bulgari Diagono is for adventurous and fearless people, who need a real watch.

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Happy Diamonds

This collection watches are exclusive, as well as the the work done to set each diamond in its own cup. This is why this collection has become a real asset for Chopard.
During a walk in the Black Forest in the 1970s, Ronald Kurowski, a Chopard designer, was so thrilled by the sight of a thousands of drops of water reflecting the daylight and sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow escaping from the waterfall that, this vision, sparked a brilliant idea: that diamonds should shine their brightest, they had to be freed from the claws that held them and allowed to spin freely. It was this way that the Happy Diamonds concept was born. “Diamonds are happiest when they are free”. “It was in these words that Karin Scheufele, head of Chopard, welcomed the first creation with mobile diamonds. This expression caught on and the watch was named “Happy Diamonds”.

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Happy Sport Chopard

The elegance provided by the floating diamonds in the dial and the sporty style of these watches has made this collection extremely successful. Customers can find round, square or oval Happy Sports.
The Happy Sport Chopard collection was launched in 1993 featuring a quartz movement. Happy Sport collection is a sport interpretation of the “Happy Diamonds” concept which main characteristic consists on a play of brilliants, floating on the dial, inside two sheets of sapphire crystal set in a shell of solid gold.

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Cartier Pasha Watch

The Cartier Pasha watch or, simpler, Pasha Cartier, is a pure expression of the classic watch design combined with the most advanced contemporary watch building technology. All Cartier Pasha watches have round case the harmoniously smooth shapes, the round crowns with a precious cabochon stone on the top. Cartier Pasha timepieces have a very particular and beautiful dial style, that may vary in colors and designs. Sword-shaped hands and big painted Arabic/Roman numbers accentuate the classic style of this collection. Many famous people did not resist the temptation to wear a Cartier Pasha watch, among them, Antonio Banderas.
This collection is so rich in style that everyone can find the Cartier Pasha watch of his own taste: aesthetically simple; fancy and extravagant; contemporary and sporty; with diamonds on the bezel or diamond grid on the dial; in yellow, red or white gold; on a leather or metal bracelet; and so on. The Cartier Pasha watch is water-resistant and comes in different versions: Cartier Pasha C’ in 35mm, Carier Pasha in 42mm and Cartier Pasha Seatimer in 40mm.

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TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch

The TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch was developed and worn by Tiger Woods and it is the first watch in the world specially made for golf professionals. It is shock-resistant, water-resistant and ultra-thin. TAG Heuer Golf Watch timepiece also has an ultra-light case, only 55 grams, mixture of titanium and steel. The TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch guarantees you a complete comfort with an elastic and easy-adjustable silicon bracelet in black or white colors. The deployant safety buckle is built in the watch-case directly. Its Crown is located at the 9 o’clock position on its wristwatch in order to avoid harming the wrist during a swing. TAG Heuer Golf Watch has a very easy-to-read dial with luminescent hands and hour markers on the black or white background. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal has anti-reflection treatment on both sides. Everything was thoroughly thought in this model combining complete reliability, attractive design and pleasantly elegant golf style.

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TAG Heuer Monaco

The TAG Heuer Monaco was dedicated to motor racing, became famous after Steve McQueen wore it in the “Le Mans” movie in 1971. That edition was called “Steve McQueen Monaco Edition”. Afterwards, TAG Heuer Monaco suffered a number of different re-editions and improvements that, finally, placed this timepiece on one of the highest positions in the watch industry. In 2005, the limited edition “Monaco Vintage” was launched, commemorating Steve McQueen’s 75th anniversary of his birthday and inspired by the legend and spirit of motor racing. It has a three-colored dial, with blue and red bands. Concept watches Monaco V4 and Monaco 360 LS truly embody the spirit of the TAG Heuer company.
TAG Heuer Monaco with square case and very soft contours has a very sophisticated and classic look. It has a movement with a powerful Chronomatic function, which is the world’s first automatic chronograph movement with a microrotor. Diamond-set luminescent or Nickel-plated hands may be combined in some Monaco models with diamond-luminescent hour markers on a Mother of Pearl dial. Womens watches are available with diamonds on the case. Another interesting and original detail is that some Monaco timepieces not only have a scratch-resistant sapphire-glass on the face but also on the case back, which allows to see the movement inside. TAG Heuer Monaco watches are manufactured with metal or crocodile bracelets and safety-folding clasp and are water resistant to 50 meters.

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TAG Heuer Link

TAG Heuer Link watch was produced in 1999 and features a very unique case design, with flowing contours. It represents a fusion between the elegance of its case and an ergonomically designed bracelet that creates the impression of a contemporary watch. Sports influence is still present in its style, as well as the resistance and reliability of its movement. TAG Heuer Link’s bracelet deserves special attention and can be considered as one of the best achievements in modern watch design. It is a dynamic-looking watch for the dynamic-living people.
TAG Heuer Link is introduced in mens and womens sizes and comes with automatic or quartz movements, with or without chronograph. TAG Heuer Link timepieces look extremely elegant and are reliable watches, just to mention they are water resistant up to 200 meters.

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TAG Heuer Carrera

TAG Heuer Carrera is a legendary watch. It was created to honor the triumphs of the Argentinian race car driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, regarded by many as the “greatest driver of all times”. He took part in many car races, showed the best driving skills during years, dominated the first decade of the Formula 1 racing and was its five-time champion. TAG Heuer, inspired by the this racing sport master, decided to create the Carrera watch in 1963. From the very beginning, Carrera become the icon of TAG Heuer watches. It was modified and improved in several occasions, so that today it is a very reliable, advanced and attractive watch. It is all the best that a good automatic chrono movement can give you.
As for the design, there is a balance in all the key elements of the case and dial. Luminescent hand applied indexes facilitate legibility. You can choose TAG Heuer Carrera in different colors, or made of steel or gold. It is also available with black or brown perforated rubber or calfskin strap. There is even a Carrera limited edition in 18K rose gold. Despite of the assortment, TAG Heuer Carrera is a large watch. Its case can measure from 36 mm to 41 mm.

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer

TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a luxury watch for water sports based on the 2000 Series. Aquaracer is a union of precision, comfort and unrivaled readability. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer comes with a very easily read dial and it is manufactured in steel, gold or in both metals combined, on metal or rubber bracelets. TAG Heuer Aquaracer may come with automatic or quartz movements, with or without chronograph.
TAG Heuer Aquaracer has a very unique and recognizable case design, a rhomboid shape, that gives personality to the watch. Aquaracer is a highly advanced TAG Heuer’s line, due to the water sports demanding situations. Its most technologically advanced representatives are Aquaracer Regatta and Aquaracer Aquagraph.
TAG Heuer Aquaracer Aquagraph, is an automatic high-tech chronograph watch especially designed for professional diving and comes with unique functions.
TAG Heuer Aquaracer Regatta is introduced with brand new features: three types of use of the central hands (hour, minute, second), and the revolutionary dial, which makes it the most easy-to-read chronograph wristwatch in the world.
TAG Heuer Aquaracer is introduced in men’s and women’s sizes. Men’s size looks really robust and professional, while the women’s one breezes with elegance and womanliness.
Aquaracer is a sports watch of a high status and is water resistant to 300 meters. It is also a prestigious and fashionable timepiece for everyday wear.

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TAG Heuer Formula 1

TAG Heuer Formula 1, created in a mood of racing as its name stands for, is an unmistakable TAG Heuer collection. This line was developed in cooperation with Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula 1 World Champion and McLaren Mercedes’ driver.
TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches come with quartz movement and they are available in three different sizes: mens, womens and mid size. Chrono models are equipped with the 1/10th second chronograph.
Mens TAG Heuer Formula 1 timepieces are quite eye-catching and transmit a temper of competition. Red, black and white are the dominating colours on these as they highlight every single detail. Some men’s Formula 1 watches come in really garish colours that indicate that they are truly for men with a very strong character and dynamic life style.
The womens TAG Heuer Formula 1 timepieces have, on the other hand, ultra-feminine style and sporty shapes. Both, the womens and mid-size Formula 1 timepieces, are available with a diamond bezel.
TAG Heuer Formula 1 mens watches come on steel or rubber bracelets, while the womens and mid-size ones have a “Nizza” strap, which is made of a woven from robust synthetic fibers. The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches come with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and are water resistant to 200 meters.

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