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Breitling Emergency: The Watch that would have saved the Lost Oceanic Flight 815 passengers.

Breitling Emergency White Gold Watch

(Breitling Emergency – White 18K gold)

If only Jack and the lost crew had had the possibility of keeping in touch or connecting to radars when the plane crashed onto that particular island, if only one of the passengers of the Oceanic Flight 815 had had the Breitling Emergency watch that features emergency frequency, the story would have been much different and the whole crew would have probably survived.

Lost is an American serial drama television series that follows the lives of the survivors that could make it from the plane crash on a mysterious tropical island, after a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific.

According to the Breitling Emergency, the wristwatch was designed for pilots and aircrews featuring a built-in microtransmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 Mhz aircraft emergency frequency. If something not regular during a flight occurred, the Emergency will send a signal through which the aircraft could be found. This Emergency’s transmitter is activated by unscrewing a protective cap and pulling the antenna out fully starting the broadcast for the next 48 hours.

Breitling Emergency Yellow Gold

(Breitling Emergency – Yellow 18K gold)

This Breitling Emergency watch is available nor with a titanium case (with black dial and a titanium bracelet), 18K yellow gold case (with black dial and a 18K gold Professional bracelet) or in 18K white gold case (with black dial and an 18K white gold Professional bracelet).

The Breitling Emergency features a Breitling 76 Caliber. According to its movement, it is a SuperQuartzTM, thermocompensated quartz electronic, analog and 12/24hr LCD digital display; EOL indicator. It is a Chronograph watch that features: 1/100th second, max 23hrs59min, 59.99 sec. It also features a calendar, a digital one, with day and date programmed for 4 years. Water resistant to 3 bars, incl. With transmitter in operation. Bidirectional bezel with compass scale.

Breitling Emergency Titanium

(Breitling Emergency – Titanium)

Lost characters weren’t chosen for being Breitling’s ambassador but, Evangeline Lilly (Kate), was chosen by Baume & Mercier for representing the watch company.

Baume & Mercier & Me, the slogan adopted by the Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier, is embodied this year by two new personalities: Evangeline Lilly & David Duchovny

Evangeline Lilly Baume Mercier (Evangeline Lilly as Baume & Mercier’s Ambassador)

Evangeline Lilly, the Canadian actress playing Kate’s role on the ABC television series Lost, is associated with the fourth edition of the BAume & Mercier & Me campaign as ambassador of the Geneve – based brand as a charity project supporter. All royalties for the celebrity are donated to charities, selected in cooperation with Evangeline Lilly, including cancer research, child education, helping underprivileged woman and the struggle against poverty.

Evangeline Lilly with Michel Nieto, CEO de Baume & Mercier

(Michael Nieto, Baume & Mercier’s CEO and Evangeline Lilly)

Pictures from: Baume & Mercier and Breitling

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