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Theo Mavrostomos’ Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, Ref. 16600 COMEX, Sea Dweller

Rolex COMEX Theo Mavrostomos
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, Ref. 16600 COMEX, Sea Dweller
Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified Made in the late 1990’s, sold in 1998



Former property of Theo Mavrostomos, Hydra X team member, world’s deepest dive record holder Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Date, COMEX, Sea Dweller 4000ft=1220m.Made in the late 1990’s, sold in 1998.

Fine and rare with center seconds, self-winding, water resistant to 4000 ft, stainless steel diver’s wristwatch with date, heliumescape valve and a stainless steel Fliplock Oyster bracelet. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, Ref. 16600 COMEX was accompanied by its original box with its Guarantee Certificate, anchor, 2 instruction booklets, bracelet tool, diver’s timetable and Rolex documentation. (All in perfect conditions, as Antiquorum’s auctioneering description specified)

Pub Montre Rolex Submariner Plongeur Comex Theo Mavrostomos.

Theo Mavrostomos is one of Comex’s most renowned divers. Mavrostomos is known as the master of the underwater welder. His greatest accomplishment came when in November of 1992, under hyperbaric chamber conditions, he broke the world diving saturation record in a dive that took 43 days to be completed and he reached an incredible depth of 701 meters during Hydra 10 experiments carried out by Comex.

theo Mavrostomos

The Lot was Estimated

75,000 USD – 95,000 USD60,

000 EUR – 75,000 EUR90,

000 CHF – 110,000 CHF










[Source: Antiquorum’s Web page]


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The importance of Divers’ watches precision.

The quality of the equipment while diving turns to be more than an important issue before descending into deep ocean. Diver’s watches are specially designed for deep depths and equipped with its special case, as protecting the case is the main goal.
In order to be considered a diving one, a watch must be qualified as suitable for up to 150 metres / 450 feet, even though most of the watches considered to be suitable for diving are appropriate for more than 200 meters.
The “O” rings, usually made of nylon, are a very important part of submersible watches as it works as a protection sealing for the case and also for the crown. In order to avoid case deformations caused by the pressured of depth, most of the cases are produced with extra thick walls.
Even though, because of the potential risks, divers do not usually reach such deep profundities, watches show such depth capabilities because of the way their hermetecism is tested. This procedure is done in a static way and pressure in real life is much more, as the watch is being moved attached to a diver’s arm. As a direct consequence of this fact, a watch that is just used to swim must be at least submersible up to 50 meters at least.
The unidirectional bezel is what gives divers’ watches their most popular characteristic, as each immersion has a limit of elapsed time. That’s why it is more than important to have precise elements as divers life is in constant risk.
Just by rotating the bezel till the minute hand at the moment in which the immersion starts, the diver will perfectly know for how long he has remain in depth. The reason of featuring a unidirectional rotating bezel is that if by accident it moves on its own, it would only short time remaining instead of extending it, keeping the diver’s life safe.
Another important part of the watch related to keeping diver’s life safe is the seconds hand which when ascending it marks how fast the diver is ascending as one feet per second is recommended.
Some of the well-known diver’s watches are:

Omega the first wristwatch brand to produce a diver’s watch, the Marine. (1932)
Officine Panerai (1938)
From LIP and Blancpain, the Fifty Fathoms (1953)
Rolex Submariner (1956) revolution.
Rolex Dweller (1967)

Omega Seamaster Professional 600m, known as Omega PloProf between the circle of collectors.


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