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Daniel Roth’s history

Daniel RothDaniel Roth is a watchmaking company based in the Vallée de Joux, in Switzerland. The company was created in 1989 and was acquired by the Bulgari Group in 2000.

Daniel Roth has workshops in both Le Sentier as well as in Geneva, which it shares with its sister company Gerald Genta.

Daniel Roth is known for its complicated watches, including a tourbillon with an 8-day power reserve, the instantaneous perpetual calendar and the Westminster Grande Sonnerie Carillon, which is the only automatic four-gong chiming wristwatch in production.

When Daniel Roth, a talented watchmaker trained in traditional Swiss fine watchmaking decided to found his own brand, he was already known and acknowledged among connoisseurs and collectors of complicated watches. He soon created a distinctive brand merging an inventive spirit and a passion for complications with a keen sense of aesthetics and refinement, particularly expressed in the dial workmanship and movement decoration. In 2000, the Bulgari group acquired this exceptional brand and developed it in harmony with its founder’s inimitable style and expertise.

It was in 1989 when Daniel Roth Launched the first Tourbillon Double Face developed by Daniel Roth in cooperation with Nouvelle Lémania (Calibre 187).

One year later, the Automatic Column-Wheel Chronograph (Calibre 147) was launched in its classic and skeletonised versions, as well as an Hours and Minutes model (Calibre 107) with ultra-thin self-winding movement, measuring just 2.4 mm thick and 27.4 mm in diameter.

Daniel Roth IIn 1991, it was the ultra-thin self-winding calibre’s turn (Calibre 167) with only a 1.73 mm thick and 23.3 for its diameter.

In 1992, the Retrograde Jumping Hours model was created with small seconds at 6 o’clock (Calibre 127).

Daniel Roth Perpetual Calendar was launched in 1993. (Calibre 117).

Two years late, the Brand’s first striking model was launched, together with the Minute Repeater with Perpetual Calendar and Moon Phases (Calibre 189).

Minute Repeater Ultra-Thin watch was launched in 1998 by Daniel Roth (Calibre 307), an exceptional timepiece just 7.35 mm thick.

1999: Creation of the Papillon (Calibre 317) with Jumping Hours, retractable Minute hands and central Small Seconds.

The Metropolitan was launched with the beginning of the century in 2000. The Calibre 857 was developed in-house by the Manufacture. This model enables ideal visibility and simplified time-zone change.

The 8-Day Tourbillon (200-hour power reserve) was created in 2002. With its twin-faced movement and pivoting case (Calibre 197), this model symbolises the Daniel Roth brand.

Daniel Roth IIThe first Grande Sonnerie Tourbillon Automatic 4 hammers was presented by Daniel Roth, to mark the Brand’s 15th anniversary.

In 2005, the new Ellipsocurvex Minute Repeater was launched, entirely developed, built and assembled in-house.

In 2006 was the first Athys model launching with shaped case, Roman numerals, precious materials, three-armed seconds hands and finely decorated movement. Launch of the new Metropolitan Dual Time. Launch of a new improved version of the 8-Day Tourbillon.

2007 was the year in which the Tourbillon Lumière was launched, a unique model featuring “all-gold” movement design specially for this skeletonised model, in order to ensure a maximum of transparency and lightness.

2008: For the first time, Daniel Roth presents a dice-playing automaton named “Il Giocatore Veneziano”.


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