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Millionaires houses: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Lev Leviev and Ralph Lauren.

Billionaires’ homes can have different amenities. There’s a wide range of varieties chosen by wealthy people like, for example, Bill Gates lives in a house built into a hillside on the edge of Washington Lake, near Seattle.

Bill Gate

$40 billions.

Its particular amenity is the 60-foot swimming pool with an underwater music system.

Steve Jobs, on the other hand, owns a $3.4 billions Spanish Colonial Style home, set on six acres. Although in 2007, he planed to demolish the historic 30 room Jackling House, he could because of the preservationists in Woodside.

Steve Jobs

Not very far from Steve Jobs, Lev Leviev owns a very extravagant property valued in $1.5 billion that features gold-plated indoor pool. Neighbour: Ringo Star.

Lev Leviev

Another particular stone and wood beach house, placed in 5.5 acres, is the one belonging once to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, is the one bought in 1981 by Ralph Lauren. It is valued in $2.8 billions.

Ralph Lauren


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