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The ultimate chronograph

A powerful, unique and quintessential design, masterfully reinterpreted. A selfwinding chronograph movement entirely developed and crafted in the brand workshops. A stunning presence on the wrist distinguished by a blend of strength and elegance. Breitling has created a highly exclusive version of its leading Chronomat model, which is asserting itself more forcefully than ever as the benchmark in the field of mechanical chronographs. Equipped with the very first 100% in-house chronograph movement, the Chronomat B01 majestically heralds Breitling’s grand entrance into the selective circle of genuine watch movement manufacturers. Designed to guarantee maximum precision, reliability and functionality, it represents the culmination of the long-running quest for performance characteristic of Breitling “instruments for professionals”. Crafted with extreme concern for details, this flagship luxury model is bound to delight devotees of fine timepieces born to accomplish great feats. Chronomat B01: the mechanical chronograph has a new name.

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Breitling Navitimer

Since its launch in 1952, the Navitimer Chronograph quickly became the favorite watch among aviators. Apart from its capacity of measuring short periods of time, it is equipped with a ‘navigation computer’, a circular slide rule that allows to solve navigation flight calculus such as ascent times, fuel consumption, and even conversion from miles to nautical miles or kilometers. This first Breitling Navitimer will be officially chosen by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), an association that groups pilots worldwide. This model has currently given its name to line of original mechanic chronographs equipped with the most advanced technical improvements and, of course, the famous calculus rule.

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