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Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin: The AMVOX2 DBS Transponder

The AMVOX2 DBS Transponder is the most recent addition to the exclusive AMVOX range of timepieces created jointly by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin – and the most vivid example yet of the powerful synergy between the two companies. A dramatic fusion of high-tech engineering skills and the finest watchmaking expertise, this revolutionary timepiece features an integrated transponder circuit that allows the owner to unlock or lock their Aston Martin DBS simply by pressing the sapphire crystal.
Like the AMVOX2 Chronograph DBS, this elegant new timepiece has no push buttons: the vertical trigger system of mechanical levers patented by Jaeger-LeCoultre allows the chronograph to be started, stopped and reset by pressing the sapphire crystal. Augmenting these functions in the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder is a miniaturised transmitter system that controls access to the owner’s DBS. As the driver nears the car, they simply press the ‘OPEN’ position on the watch glass (between 8 and 9 o’clock) and the door-opening system is activated.
Pressing the ‘CLOSE’ position (between 3 and 4 o’clock) locks the car again.
The unique connection between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin is evident elsewhere on the watch, too. The exquisitely detailed dial features a suspended metallic grey DBS logo, there is a subtle Aston Martin emblem on the movement operating indicator, and the ruthenium grey bridges, satin finish and black background evoke the look of the DBS’s instrument panel. The outer dial ring, meanwhile, has an opening that allows a tantalising glimpse of the chronograph functions – just as the slender wheel rims of the DBS expose the mighty brake calipers behind.
Created specially for Aston Martin DBS owners, the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder is the first mechanical timepiece to operate not only as a chronograph but also as the key to a luxury sports car. An engineering masterpiece in miniature, its beauty and functionality stand as testament to the inspiration and expertise of the partnership that created it.







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Perpetual motion reinvented. Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos 56

(Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos 56)

The world’s only clock movement that runs on thin air has reached its eightieth birthday. The Atmos 561 was created to celebrate this landmark occasion; it is completely balanced and simple according to its design.

Since its invention, the Atmos has embodied the passion of its creator, Jean Leon Reutter. Designer Marc Newson, who has always been fascinated by the Atmos clock, has designed its case as a Baccarat crystal bubble, which brings out its ethereal nature, lends it a futuristic elegance and catapults it into the ranks of today’s great designs. This exceptional clock is being made in a limited series of 888 pieces. The Atmos 561 illustrates the creativity of its designer.

Born in Australia, 44-year-old Marc Newson was the one who, long attracted to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s legendary clock, one day contacted the Grande Maison and offered a design for it. This suggestion was greeted with immediate enthusiasm: Jaeger- LeCoultre accepted his offer. In the Atmos 561 Newson managed to capture, in the staggering innovative power of his interpretation, the very essence of the Atmos clock, which for eighty years has symbolised the dream of quasi perpetual motion.


almost perpetual,
Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 561,
crafted and assembled by hand
284 parts
annular balance,
60-second oscillation period

moon phase

metal moon with circular-polished finish
white and black metal moon disc

Blued aluminium

bubble shaped, made by the Baccarat crystal makers

276 mm x 250 mm x 163 mm
Limited series of 888

Reference: 516 51 01


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