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Graham launches the NEW Chronofighter Trigger Tourbillograph


(Graham Chronofighter Trigger Tourbillograp)

Extremely well known as “the father of the chronograph”, George Graham (1673-1751) has also been the man who had great ideas and invented the first wall chronograph or mercury pendulum.
Commissioned by the Greenwich Royal Observatory to create the master watch used by the astronomers, Graham became the first and great watchmaker of eighteenth century named by the Royal society. To continue with this spirit of extraordinary innovations and technical ability, Graham is nowadays a contemporary firm of watches dedicated to those who are enthusiastic about mechanic arts.

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Graham debuts the Chronofighter Trigger Tourbillograph

Four years ago, Graham decided to make a timepiece in order to pay tribute to the genius of its namesake, famous British watchmaker George Graham. To achieve this goal, the brand joined with well-known movement manufacturer La Joux-Perret (with whom it partnered on the development of Graham’s chronograph foudroyante).
The result of years of making their best innovations, we are able to enjoy the result: the Automatic Chronofighter Trigger Tourbil-lograph, a combination of tourbillon and chronograph with a unique ‘British eccentric’ off-centre tourbillon.

The movement powering this timepiece is the Graham Caliber G1780, a tourbillon with column-wheel chronograph, known as ‘roue À colonne’ in French. Available in a 46mm 18 carat 5N red gold case, the new Tourbillograph features a domed sapphire crystal on the front and a flat see-through back. The frequency of its movement is 28,800, while the spiral, balance, escapement wheels and anchor are reinforced with an Incabloc anti-shock system. The Tourbillograph’s tourbillon cage weighs just 0.485 grams and is made of 48 pieces.
The Automatic Chronofighter Trigger Tourbil-lograph comes in five variations – Ruthenium, Havana, Raven Black, Carbon Black and All Black.

[Source: Europa Star Magazine Issue]

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Graham Chronofighter R.A.C. 43mm

Introduced for the first time in 2001, and based by a system initially developed by pilots of the Second World War, at that time the Graham Chronofighter was equipped with a mechanism of quick-action coaxial control located on the left side which allowed a practical, fast and ergonomic manipulation.In 2005, Graham introduced the Graham Chronofighter Oversize. Nowadays, in 2006, as showed in the pictures on the following pages, the Graham Chronofighter R.A.C is the successor of the first Chronofighter. It has a new powerful cam with a paddle which improves its grip and a button that is even bigger together with column wheel. The Graham Chronofighter R.A.C. is moved by a chronograph movement of column wheel making sure it has an absolute accuracy, know as the French word “roue a colonne” , getting as a consequence the R.A.C acronym. The Graham Chronofighter is considered as the best chronograph movement in the watchmaking industry. The mechanism of column wheel consists of six triangular columns which control the Graham chronograph functions. The Graham chronofighter R.A.C is available in a broad range of versions, each one showing different facets of its fascinating traits. The typical controls of the Graham chronograph have been provided with a paddle that assures a better grip. It is a reminiscent of the design of the steer wheel of high-speed racing cars.The Graham Chronofighter R.A.C. is a superlative machine of time. The switch buttons on the left position like this were used for the first time by the bomber pilots throughout the Second World War. During their high-altitude flights- more than 26.000 feet- the extremely low temperatures obliged them to use mitts. Therefore, they needed an instrument which had a long switch button which could be activated by their thumb finger. The “Start” and “finish” functions activated by the thumb have a better reaction than with the rest of the fingers. During the years in which the sport times were measured by hand, the thumb was used to stop the chronometer.

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