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TAG Heuer Carrera

TAG Heuer Carrera is a legendary watch. It was created to honor the triumphs of the Argentinian race car driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, regarded by many as the “greatest driver of all times”. He took part in many car races, showed the best driving skills during years, dominated the first decade of the Formula 1 racing and was its five-time champion. TAG Heuer, inspired by the this racing sport master, decided to create the Carrera watch in 1963. From the very beginning, Carrera become the icon of TAG Heuer watches. It was modified and improved in several occasions, so that today it is a very reliable, advanced and attractive watch. It is all the best that a good automatic chrono movement can give you.
As for the design, there is a balance in all the key elements of the case and dial. Luminescent hand applied indexes facilitate legibility. You can choose TAG Heuer Carrera in different colors, or made of steel or gold. It is also available with black or brown perforated rubber or calfskin strap. There is even a Carrera limited edition in 18K rose gold. Despite of the assortment, TAG Heuer Carrera is a large watch. Its case can measure from 36 mm to 41 mm.

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