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Blancpain Spécialités Tourbillon Diamants Watch








(Blancpain Spécialités Tourbillon Diamants)

When speaking about very expensive watches, we usually tend to think that the price must be proportional to the quantity of precious jewels it could contain. Most of these timepieces do not have any jewels (aside from synthetic rubies in the movement). An answer could be the time involved in making them.
Blancpain is one of the luxurius brands capable of producing a neatly pack with a healthy amount of impressive jewel work in the 40mm wide white gold case of its newest flagship haute joaillerie watch for men.
The Blancpain Spécialités Tourbillon Diamants timepieces were produced in a limited edition in which, the time of craftsmanship is gold as intense hours are required to simply select the proper stones and then cut them. Its timepiece dial, bezel, crown and rear reveal a complex patterning of various baguette cut stones. Twelve lines of diamonds form the dial in order to serve as hour markers.
The count of over 20 carats of diamonds in the watch might convey that Blancpain is attempting to present this Spécialités Tourbillon Diamants as merely a vehicle for diamond splendor, it is rather closer to an horological obligation. The high houses of watch making must continue to assert themselves mechanically as well as luxuriously. Blancpaine favors 18k white gold and a dizzying amount of diamonds being an obvious expression of this concept. It is then the responsibility of the brand to ensure its latest haute joaillerie offering is also aesthetically pleasing and awe inspiring. The privilege to call one yours comes with the approximate price of $1,342,700.

Timepiece main characteristics:

40mm wide 18k white gold watch case
Flying tourbillion carriage window
Caliber 25A in-house automatic mechanical movement visible through sapphire caseback
Reptile strap with matching 18k gold diamond covered buckle
164 baguette-cut diamonds on dial with total 20.14 carats of diamonds on watch

[Blancpain’s Home Page]

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