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Motorola Aura Diamond Edition with 34 diamonds and gold

Motorola has started selling the most expensive of its model series Motorola Aura. The device, called Aura Diamond Edition has no technical characteristics differences from previous models, but significantly exceeds their costs (£ 3500).

Until now we only hear and see the craziness of girls and women for gold and diamond, but now it is for all, Motorola has introduced high-end handset made of 18 carat gold, diamonds and a sapphire.
The handset’s keypad is made of soft spun aluminum and has a solid gold navigation key. The original Aura cost a princely £1400, and offered very little in the way of modern features but now it is added with 18 carat gold and touch of 34 diamonds.
The old mob was having an average camera, the web browser archaic and the interface harked back to the days of Moto’s baffling yore. But new one is lavish and luxurious giving very rich looks with all precious metals.
The new Aura diamond edition is available since the 25th of October, and that price is now upped to £3500. The phone will be available for £3,500 in Harrods, Selfridges and other selected jewellers.

[Source: Motorola]

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