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Watches in Movies: Live and Let Die, Land of the Dead, Knocked Up, Wild Hogs and Kill Bill Vol. 2

Live and Let Die (1973)

Several British agents have been murdered and James Bond is sent to New York in order to investigate their mysterious deaths. Mr. Big, who is self producing heroin, comes to his knowledge. During his journeys, he meets Tee Hee, Baron Samedi and Solitaire.

(James Bond (Roger Moore) wears a Rolex Submariner)



Land of the Dead (2005)

In a world full of zombies and survivors who barricaded themselves inside a walled city in order to keep out the living dead, a group of survivors must find a way to stop the evolving zombies from breaking into the city.

(Cholo, John Leguizamo, wears a TAG Heuer wristwatch)



Knocked Up (2007)

A one night stand turns into the unexpected for Ben, when Alison announces to him that she is now pregnant with his child. Ben decides that the best thing to do is to get his life sorted so he can care for Alison and his new child, job not easy for him.

(Ben’s dad, Harold Ramis, wears a Panerai wristwatch)

Wild Hogs (2007)

Four middle-aged men decide to take a road trip from Cincinnati to the Pacific in order to get away from their lives which are leading them nowhere. Taking their motorcycles, these “Wild Hogs” tear up the road and eventually stop in New Mexico for a drink not knowing that the bar belongs to the “Del Fuegos”, a mena gang.


(Woody Stevens, John Travolta, wears a Breitling watch)



Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004)

The murderous Bride is back and she is still continuing her vengeance quest against her ex-boss, Bill, and taking aim at Bill’s younger brother Budd and Elle Driver, the only survivor from the squad that betrayed her four years earlier.

(The Bride, Uma Thurman, wears a Counterfeit Rolex Daytona)



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