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The most box office successful movies from the decade: The Lord of the Rings, The Caribbean Pirates, Harry Potter, Shrek, Spider-man and Finding Nemo.

(The Lord of The Ring, the most succesful movie from the first decade of the XXI century).


According to the Worldwide BoxOffice, in the movie industry there’s a top 20 of the most successful movies produced during the first decade of the XXI century and their capital gain.
In first place, we can find the trilogy directed by Peter Jackson in which he adapted the Tolkien novels, The Lord of the Rings. Particularly speaking, the third one – The Return of the King – was the most successful one gaining 1.129,2 millions placing itself as the second most successful movie after Titanic (James Cameron) with 1835,4 millions.
After that triumphant trilogy comes The Caribbean Pirates with 2.672,2 millions earned and in the third place Harry Potter (the last three ones) with a profit of 2.623,6 and then Spider-man with 2.498,4 followed, again, by two other fantasy movies, Star Wars (2.423,7 millions) and, finally, Shrek (2.163,6 millions).
1. The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, 1.129’2 millions.
2. The Caribbean Pirates, Dead Man’s Chest, 1.060’6 millions.
3. Harry Potter, The Philosopher’s Stone , 976’5 millions.
4. The Caribbean Pirates, At World’s End, 958,4 millions.
5. Harry Potter, The Order of the Phoenix, 937 millions.
6. The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, 924,7 millions.
7. Shrek 2, 902,5 millions.
8. Harry Potter, The Goblet of Fire, 892,2 millions.
9. Spider-man 3, 885,4 millions.
10. Harry Potter, The Chamber of Secrets, 879 millions.
11. The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, 870,8 millions
12. Finding Nemo, 865 millions.


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