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The quietest Orange County Chopper: the electric Siemens Smart Chopper

siemens motorbikeThe Orange County Choppers surprised us when Paul Teutul, Snr, presented the company’s – and perhaps the world’s – first all-electric chopper. Commissioned by Siemens and built using recycled steel, LED lighting and environmentally-friendly water-based paints, the Siemens Smart Chopper features a 27hp brushless motor good for a top speed in excess of 100mph and enough battery life for a 60-mile range.

The Siemens Smart Chopper is perhaps the most unusual sticking to a reasonably familiar set of lines – raked-out front end, fat, exposed rear wheel, wide bars and swooping curves – but there’s no gas-guzzling, roaring power plant to act as the centerpiece.

Siemens plans to auction the bike off in 2010 to support environmentally focused charity groups.



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