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Jackie Kennedy-Onassis’ Green Sedan BMW was at auction.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Green BMW Sedan

Kruse International, a car auction company, listed Jackie Kennedy-Onassis’ BMW, the one she acquired when being married to Aristotle Onassis. The car, a green sedan with tan leather interior and a odometer reading of 65,000 miles, was Jackie Onassis’ favourite car.

It’s a BMW Bavaria 3.0S. Four door Sedan.
Jackie drove it 18 years, from August 20, 1974 till 1992 when she sold it to her neighbour in Peapack Galdstone, New Jersey.
She used this car during weekends when driving to Peapack to go riding and fox hunting at the Essex Hunt Club. During the week the car was garaged in a parking garage on 86th street.


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