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Breitling Bentley Motors Mens Watch

Bentley Motors BENT - 1

(Bentley Motors – BENT 1)

As a consequence of the fusion between Breitling and Bentley Motors, Breitling started dedicating watches to the automobile world while Bentley became the perfect and natural partner of the watchmaking company.

Their passion and combination of prestige and excellence according to their performance, was amalgamated by their union symbol: a winged B signature.

The Bentley Motors Chronograph was inspired in the aesthetic elements, in the aesthetic pillars, of the British partner. Its mechanism is a unique one among the others around the world; it features a central hand that is capable of reaching the whole sphere rotation in thirty seconds instead of sixty, comparing to the habitual ones. This particular configuration gives to this unique timepiece a really precise lecture of the second fraction.

It’s case has a 48.7 mm diameter making of this watch the biggest case chronograph from Breitling models.

The Bentley Motors Chronograph is also equipped with a variable tachymeter that allows the measurement of a media speed more than accurate.

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