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NEW TAGHeuer MONACO Cal 11 1969 LIMITED Re-Edition

(Tag Heuer Monaco 1969 Re Edition 2009)

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced a special, limited edition Monaco Chronograph. The NEW Monaco1969 Original Re-Edition will count with just 1,000 pieces. It is launched in order to celebrate TAG Heuer Monaco’s 40 years of precision, immortalized by actor Steve McQueen in the film “Le Mans”. The blue-dial Monaco Re-Edition comes with an exclusive case back signed by Jack Heuer and engraved in honor of its mythical ambassador Steve McQueen.
Each of the 1,000 TAG Heuer Monaco 1969 Original Re-Edition Chronographs features a perforated leather strap with a steel buckle. The blue dial features sporty red accents on its hands, its distinctive horizontal diamond-tipped hour indices and also a hand-applied date window in polished steel. The signature of TAG Heuer honorary chairman Jack Heuer graces the stainless steel caseback.
The Tag Heuer Monaco 1969 Original Re-Edition is limited to 1,000 pieces and in contrast to the new re-engineered Monaco Calibre 12 still features the Calibre 11 movement.


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