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Leonardo DiCaprio: TAG Heuer Newest Ambassador

(Leonardo DiCaprio and Jean Christopher Babin)

TAG Heuer has chosen Leonardo DiCaprio as the new face of the TAG Heuer Carrera watch. Even though for the last six years Tag Heuer ambassador was Brad Pitt, his contract ended on December 2008.

(Brad Pitt as the previous TAG Heuer’s ambassador)

Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on as a TAG Heuer Ambassador for three years.
TAG Heuer had a record year last year from Ambassador Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 Championship, two winning watches receiving multiple awards, the TAG Heuer Meridiist release, and the new branding campaign coming out this spring.

(TAG Heuer Carrera Watch)

Leonardo DiCaprio will be endorsing the TAG Heuer Day-Date Carerra as he has partnered with TAG Heuer to become its newest ambassador in a multimillion-dollar, three year, agreement. He will also be seen in marketing projects with the brand.

(Leonardo DiCaprio as NEW TAG Heuer’s ambassador)

His latest work and future projects:

Inception ( – Cast / 2010 / Announced / )
A contemporary science fiction tale set within the architecture of the human mind.

Akira ( Producer / 2009 / Announced / )
In post-WWIII Japan, a group of motorcycle-riding teens must stop one of their members from abusing his newly acquired telekinetic powers.

74 Gallons ( Producer / / Announced / )
Centers on the growing global phenomenon of mercenaries used by governments and companies to wage war.

A Tale of Two Cities ( Cast / / Announced / )
Set in Paris and London, in the late 18th century during the French Revolution. The story of English aristocrat Sydney Carton’s sacrifice of his own life for his unrequited love Lucie Manette and Frenchman Charles Darnay.


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