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James Bond’s Watches

(James Bond’s Rolex Submariner in Dr. No)

James Bond’s movies have been among the most popular since the very beginning. Watches and cars played a very significant role as survival gadgets. James Bond, known for his good taste and sophistication, has a very refined style. Always seen surrounded by beautiful women, driving the most desirable cars and traveling to the most exclusive places around the globe.
Watches has always been a very defining part of the character so, as important as it is, he has been choosing the most luxurious ones.
Not only he wore Rolex watches, but also he has worn Omega’s watches and Seiko’s watches as well. He was as well given specialty watches from Q-Branch, with gadgets such as a powerful magnet, perhaps best used when he unzipped a dress or a wrist dart gun as seen in Octopussy.

James Bond Omega Seamaster

(Omega Seamaster Professional 300m)

For over a decade, the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m, has been James Bond’s choise. This watch features a Co-Axial Escapement for precision timekeeping and it is also water resistant to 300m. It features a 41 mm case diameter
This Watch has been worn since 1995, when it was Bond’s choice for GoldenEye movie, worn by Pierce Brosnan.

James Bond Rolex Submariner

James Bond wore a Rolex Submariner, although this fact wass never explicitly revealed in any of the novels and the Submariner model 6204 wasn’t released until 1954, a year after the first Bond novel, Rolex turned to be the chosen watch brand.
When James Bond, the character, was introduced to us in the film Dr. No (1962) played by Sean Connery, it was decided that James Bond would wear a Rolex Submariner. But, when the production crew intended to deal with Rolex, they refused to offer a watch for the film. So, Cubby Broccoli decided to use his own Rolex Submariner with black crocodile strap.

The Rolex Submariner accompanied the sophisticated character for years.Its next appearance was in From Russia with Love, followed by Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.
In a bid to update the appearance of the Bond character, Q Branch decided to issue the new Bond played by Roger Moore with a Seiko digital watch.

(James Bond’s Seiko’s Wristwatch)

These digital watches had numerous gadgets worthy of a spy’s 1980s digital watch, but after 5 films, it felt like time for Bond to return to the classic Rolex Submariner, for two more films, The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill.
Soon though, the production crew felt the Rolex a bit old fashioned and so they preferred a more minimalistic watch, the Omega Seamaster.



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