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Top ten of the Most Expensive Watches of the World

Even though collecting watches is one of the most expensive hobbies worldwide, it can also take us to many antique timepieces and also to modern innovations giving to the activity or to the search of unique models one of the most satisfying rewarding.
The are a wide range of prices when speaking about watches. The top 10 most expensive watchmakers companies around the world are: Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, ChronoSwiss, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, International Watch Company (IWC), Omega and Breguet.
As for a top ten of the most expensive watches, from the most expensive one to the tenth most expensive (but not the most):

– Chopard’s 25 Million Dollars Watch
This unique timepiece is ornamented with three local point heart-shaped diamonds (a fifteen carat pink diamond, a twelve carat blue diamond and an eleven carat white diamond) in addition to the 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds, brings a total of 201 carats.

– Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication: 11 Million Dollar Watch
The Supercomplication watch it is said to have been produced by James Ward Packard in order to commission a watch containing the most complications worldwide. Even though Henry Graves Jr, the banker for whom the watch was produced in 1932, won the contest, the watch wasn’t beaten till fifty years later when Patek Phillipe came up with the 33 complications watch, the 18 carat gold Caliber 89. The price of this timepiece is 6 million dollars.

– Patek Phillipe’s Platinum World Time: estimated over 4 Million Dollars
This Patek Phillipe’s Platinum World Time is believed to be an only one time creation and when produced, the most expensive watch at the moment.

– Vacheron Constantin’s Tour de I’lle: 1.5 Million Dollars Watch
After over 10.000 hours of research in order to create the Tour de I’lle Vacheron Constantine’s watch, the brand came up with the world’s most complicated wristwatch. This wristwatch was produced in a limited edition of seven only one of its kind watches that combine horological complications with astronomical indications .

– Hublot Black Caviar Bang, 1 Million Dollar Watch
Topped with some extremely rare black diamonds, 531 widely distributed black diamonds. Most of them are square cut not less than 322 stones on the case, 179 on the bezel and 30 at the end of the strap, on the clasp. Not just the diamonds make of this watch a very exclusive one, but also, the complications and the design.

– Big Bang Chronograph Hublot’s Wristwatch: 1 Million Dollar Watch
Hublot together with a diamond-setting workshop (Bunter SA) designed and developed an inimitable watch called Big Bang. It features an invisible setting were the only things that can be seen are the diamonds.

– Classical Billionaire Tourbillion Corum’s Wristwatch: 998,000 Dollars
The sparkling wristwatch features 850 diamonds and also has a stunning carcass dial with hour and minute hands. The watch has a 90-hour power reserve and a Caliber CO-372 by Corum and La Joux-Perret. Only 10 pieces are in production.

– Tecnica Skeleton Chronograph: an 850,000 Dollars Parmigiani Fleurier’s Wristwatch.
It features: platinum case, minute repeater, tourbillon and chronograph, as well as a cathedral chime, between many other attractions like the diamonds it features and its amazing design.

– Grande Complication Blancpain’s 785.000 Dollars Wristwatch.
This wristwatch features a minute repeater, split-seconds chronograph, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase, an automatic winding mechanism, a sleek crocodile wristband. It is said to take the maker from 8 to 10 months to put together all the 740 components and that only 18 of that brilliant limited edition run of 30 watches have been assembled till now.

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