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Omega de Ville

The prestige of De VilleNot only Omega watches are known for their extraordinary precision, accurate chronographs and reliability, but also for their absolute beauty, which is realized by the most acknowledged artists of the world. Designed in sake of attracting those who prefer the best classic tradition, with a little touch of the contemporary spirit, the Omega De Ville watches are provided with the best movements that perfectly fit this elegant lineage.

In 1999, a unique and completely new Omega De Ville watch was born. No other mass-produced watch in history had the heart like this one, except for some watches which price was about $150.000 USD. The elegant and exceptional Omega De Ville Co-Axial watch, supplied with a co-axial escapement and free sprung balance, has one of the most advantageous movements and was invented by the well-known English watchmaker Dr. George Daniels. It has a greater exactitude, shock-resistance and requires less service than many other watches.

A symbol of refinement and a very reliable watch, Omega De Ville is especially esteemed for its peculiar elegancy and exceptional case finish. Its forms and proportions, made in a classic style, perfectly outlined spheres and edges and precious metals used for its manufacture guarantee the abiding beauty of Omega De Ville’s design that challenge the momentary trends.

Omega De Ville, well-known for its refined case design and adherence to the classic watchmaking standards, has won many important awards for being the personification of classic elegancy and the most advanced wristwatch movement building technology.

Ernie Els, one of the top professional golf players in the world and Omega golf ambassadors, states that Omega embodies a subtle combination of precision and power.

All these features make Omega De Ville perfect for casual watch wearers or collectors.

De Ville Ladies Co-Axial Automatic

De Ville Ladies Co-Axial Chronograph

De Ville Ladies Co-Axial Chronoscope

De Ville Ladies Prestige Quartz Small

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Chronograph

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Chronograph Mid-Size

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Chronometer

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Chronometer Mid Size

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Chronoscope

De Ville Mens Co-Axial GMT

De Ville Mens Co-Axial GMT Mid-Size

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Power Reserve

De Ville Mens Co-axial Power Reserve Mid-Size

De Ville Mens Co-Axial Rattrapante

De Ville Mens Hour Vision

De Ville Mens Prestige Automatic

De Ville Mens Prestige Quartz

De Ville Mens Prestige Small Seconds

De Ville Mens X2 Big Date

De Ville Mens X2 Small Seconds


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