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TAG Heuer Formula 1

TAG Heuer Formula 1, created in a mood of racing as its name stands for, is an unmistakable TAG Heuer collection. This line was developed in cooperation with Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula 1 World Champion and McLaren Mercedes’ driver.
TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches come with quartz movement and they are available in three different sizes: mens, womens and mid size. Chrono models are equipped with the 1/10th second chronograph.
Mens TAG Heuer Formula 1 timepieces are quite eye-catching and transmit a temper of competition. Red, black and white are the dominating colours on these as they highlight every single detail. Some men’s Formula 1 watches come in really garish colours that indicate that they are truly for men with a very strong character and dynamic life style.
The womens TAG Heuer Formula 1 timepieces have, on the other hand, ultra-feminine style and sporty shapes. Both, the womens and mid-size Formula 1 timepieces, are available with a diamond bezel.
TAG Heuer Formula 1 mens watches come on steel or rubber bracelets, while the womens and mid-size ones have a “Nizza” strap, which is made of a woven from robust synthetic fibers. The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches come with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and are water resistant to 200 meters.

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