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Panerai Models and Reference Information

‘Radiomir’ and‘Luminor’ originally referred to the patented luminescent substances used in each model; today the titles refer only to the watch case. While the Panerai Radiomir features an exposed crown and patented wire loop strap attachments the Panerai Luminor is distinguished by a trademarked bridge that protects and locks its crown in place.

Panerai Radiomirs have been produced in 40, 42, and 45mm variations.
Panerai Luminors have been produced in 40, 44, and 47mm variations.
Panerai’s current production palette includes Steel, Titanium, Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold.

The following photograph displays the three reference codes that are printed on the watch case of each Panerai:
*OP xxxx: The reference number of the case. Each model may be associated with more than one reference number; Panerai has been known to assign multiple reference numbers to the same model within the same production year.
*BBxxxxxx (or PBxxxxxx): The serial number. The current system was introduced in 1997 after Panerai was acquired by the Richemont group and be
*B1851/3000: The third reference code conveys three pieces of information: the year of production (each letter is associated with a specific production year) and the unique number of the piece within its total production run (1851/3000).
Modern and elegant, are known by a non conventional and sober design that gives the first role to the useful functions. The Master Control line has a golden rule: the most complicated are their calibres, more simple, comfortable and ludic must be their utilization. Their appearance is a render to the performances in 1950, their reliability must reply to superior demands.
*The first letter of the third reference code corresponds to one of the following production years:
A: 1998 D: 2001 G: 2004

B: 1999 E: 2002 H: 2005

C: 2000 F: 2003 I: 2006

In addition to the reference codes each watch case also displays the case’s material and depth limit.

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