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Jaeger LeCoutre Ideale

Beautiful and elegant, Bright and interesting, the Jaeger LeCoultre watch aims to the creation of a style. It is a mirror of all wishes, and indifferent to fashion, is contemporary. Its sign and its talent, heritage of the creative genius of Jaeger-LeCoultre, are recognized with any doubt. Four thievish bonds with 6 diamonds in each, are admirable.
Sign of the inseparable alliance between Jaeger-LeCoultre and the woman, his design shows a story
Woman through the pass of the years, creative and interpreter of her world. The beauty of a watch is delicate and intensive. Its shape in three dimensions is delicate and reflects great architectonic sensitiveness. Its sphere is balanced with the delicacy of its case and offers an optimum reading of the hours and the minutes. The crown symbolizes the perfect union between the watch making art and the jewellery art: thievish with a precious stone, it is a unique jewel.

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