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The history of Jaeger Lecoultre

The manufacture Jaeger-Lecoultre has always distinguished himself over the rest of the watchmakers. He has consistently conquered new eras. The business of founder Antonie LeCoultre has surpassed its expectations and reached untoughtful heights due to the rise of generation of inventors led by JaegerLeCoultre.The manufacture has developed steadily over time through the construction of new extentions.The result is an unique watchmaking complex which still keeps its character.However, the alliance with the Parisian company Jaeger spread the fame of the company abroad.Holorogical creations under the name of Jaeger-Lecourt reflect theidea of putting together tradition and innovation together with the symbolic scope of the passing time and its measurement.

Jaeger-LeCoultre stands and supports the idea that more important than any instruments, eye, hand and heart remain as their most important tools. The timekeepers created by the Manufacture keeps the tools.
Therefore, the Manufacture produces an exceptionally range of movements with 38 different calibres.Its horological repertoire goes from the world’s smallest mechanical movement Calibre 101 to tourbillons, minute repeater mechanisms, calendars, moon-phase and power-reserve displays, chronographs, alarma and dual time-zone Jaeger Le-Coultre watches.
Not only Jaeger-Lecoultre masters the production of cases and bracelets but also movements consagrating himself as one of the Manufacture who produces the majorities of parts making up a complete Jaeger Le-Coultre watches watch. However, the brand would never be the same without those who work in it, 1000 people worldwide and 900 people in the workshops of the Vellee de Joux. Through the years, they have given birth to a wide range of creations of Jaeger Le-Coultre watches which contribute to the measurement of time.
Among them are hundreds of craftsmen who have been able to able to fit the area of engraving, enamelling, gem-setting as well as chasing skeleton movements of Jaeger Le-Coultre watches.
All follow the philosophy: “Sharing the passion for time with Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Manufacture in the avant-garde of watchmaking mastery.”

A journey through the years


Antoine LeCoultre founds a superb watchmaking workshop in Le Sentier. Crafting, finishing and assembly of watch parís are handmade in specialised workshops.


Antoine LeCoultre invents his Millionometer. It is the first instrument which is capable of measuring a micron, a millionth of a metro, and establishes the metric system as the standarized watch measurement.


LeCoultre & Co produces the first movement with a crown winding system that set the time, which meant that keys are not necessary for winding watches.


The twin-level rectangular Duoplan movement is created. It is endowed with extraordinary precision and features an interchangeable movement concept.


The engineer Jean-Léon Reutter invents the uique creation: the Atmos. It needs no battery, no electric current and no winding.


Calibre 101 is the world’s smallest mechanical movement (14 x 4.8 x 3.4 mm) with 98 parts weighing around one gram.


The Jaeger Le-Coultre reverso is invented. It has an unique case which swivels to tum its back on shocks and protect its glass. Jaeger Le-Coultre reverso has showed its ability to perpetuate the moderm charm of the Art Deco style.


The Futurematic is the first automatic watch with no winding-crown.


The Jaeer Le-coultre Memovox is the first automatic alarm wristwatch.The Jaeer Le-coultre Memovox shows the exhilaration of the 50s.


The Grand Réveil is not only equipped with a calendar and moon phases but also with an alarm-bell struck by a small hommer


As a celebration of the 60th aniversary of the swivel watch, Jaeger Le-Coultre fits the Jaeger Le-coultre Reve rso with a complication movement. Jaeger Le-coultre Reverso is first watch to write the first chapter in the dynasty of six Limited series in pink gold.


The Master Control 1000 Hours introduces new standards of reliability for automatic wristwatches. It underwent 1000 hours of stringent tests before being certified by a numbered gold seal on the case-back.


The Jaeger Le-coultre watch Reverso Duetto reflects elegance of time in any circumstance, showing the day on one side and the night on the other.


The Manufact ure goes beyond. He creates the Jaeger Le-coultre watch Reverso Gran’Sport. It combines the art of living the present with watchmaking technology


Jaeger-LeCoultre creates an original version of the Jaeger Le-coultre watch Atmos.The Atmos du Millénaire shows the years, the months, and moon phases over a 1000-year period.


The Master Grande Jaeger Le-coultre Memovox adds a calendar and alarm to the Master Control rango.


The Jaeger Le-coultre watch Reverso Platinumis is the first Reverso with an openworked movement which heralds the new dynasty of Limited series of 500.

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