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Jaeger Le-coultre Reverso

A Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso watch is distinguished among thousand of watches. Icon of the high watchmaking, Jaeger Le-coultre Reverso is distinguished by its elegant case that slides along its base to rotate on itself. Its sober and strong lines are based on the Art Déco style: clear and sober aesthetic, passion for the hand made “savoir-faire”, for the precious materials and the good life style. The rotation of its case is an invitation to play with the time. Exaltation of the spirit , Jaeger Le-coultre Reverso shows its duality having a second face. Only a rotation is needed for the watch to become into a jewel that can be personalized with an eternal seal. It makes the people sights to follow the tic tac of its trains o shows a second esphera. In more than 70 years, not only has Jaeger Le-coultre Reverso become a legend, but also a jewel into the watchmaking. This big classic of the Art Déco is the inspiration of the best watchmakers and inventors who only wish to imagine new interpretation for this line.

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