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Bulgari Bulgari

The Bulgari Bulgari watch was introduced in 1977. This timepiece has the brand’s most distinctive design and an entirely original case geometry, that made it so famous. It remains as the most highly celebrated Bulgari model till our days.
As the Bulgari Bulgari name stands for, it symbolizes simplicity and the purest essence. This lineage embodies not only the perfect fusion between traditional craftsmanship and the most innovative technology, but also the spirit of the Bulgari watches.
Bulgari Bulgari watch is a combination of different precious metals and stones and the most advanced technological features, such as automatic or manual movement, chronograph features and power reserve indicator.
Its bezel, a perfect cylinder, with the double engraved Bulgari logo, extremely easily-read-hand-applied-dial indicators, unmistakable design and a sophisticated mood, give to this Bulgari timepiece a contemporary style. You may choose a small model to an extra large one.

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