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Breitling Case Dating And Identification

Model identification

Each Breitling watch comes with some relevant numbers engraved on the back.
Those numbers are:

Reference number: Ea: A25362 which identifies the material and model **.

The following numbers represents the Model name (in this case a Bentley Motors).

Serial number

Located at the bottom of the case back in a small engraving, each watch has a unique serial number for piece identification purposes.


It’s not very known the fact that Breitling identifies each watch production date since a couple of years ago. They engrave som numbers between the lugs (the only way to access there is removing the bracelet). Ea. 2405 means the watch was produced the 24th week of 2005.

C.O.S.C. Certificate

Every Breitling watch comes with its own C.O.S.C. (Controle Officiel Suisse Des Chronometres) Certificate which is individually numbered with the watch serial number. This ‘Attestation de Chronometre’ it’s extended from that neutral Swiss organization after testing the watch for 15 days and nights in 5 different positions and 3 different temperatures. The variation could not be more than 6 seconds a day or less than 4 which is equivalent to a precision of 99.9%.

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