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LUC Chopard

Karl Scheufele was convinced that Chopard had to produce its own movement as this meant to aquire the designation of a manufacture. Manufacturers are watchmakers who produce all the components of thier watches in-house.


In 1996 the firm created its first movement which was named LUC to honor Louis Ulysse Chopard. In 1997 the LUC 1860 was chosen as the Watch of the year.


The movement of this watch was a development of the 3.96 calibre. The shape of the movement matches the shape of the case.


In 1999 Chopard created the Sports 2000 This sporty wacth had leather or rubber strap and a 4.96 calibre.

Pro One

This model was launched in 2002 The Pro One is a diver’s watch. While it remains classical in its case it presents technical develotments that alow the watch to be accurate eaven at great depths.


With a LUC 1.02 calibre Chopard’s first Tourbillin was launched in 2003. The creation of this movement implied many technical developments and a big step for the brand’s place in the watchmaker industry.


In 2005 Chopard received, once again, the distinction of Watch of the year with the Regulateur, a high presicion watch with a Quattro 1.98 movement, launched in 2004.


The GMT is the first one within the LUC line to feature a second time zone. The power reserve on this watch is of 65 hours.


These watches were introduced on the market in 2000 with a new calibre, the 1.98. They presented a 9 days power reserve feature

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