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Cartier Line 21 Watch

The Cartier’s Line 21 contains: “21 Must de Cartier” and “21 Chronoscaph de Cartier”: The Cartier Must 21, with its faultless modern design, represents the sophistication, simplicity and elegance of the modern Cartier timepieces. This watch comes with a Swiss made quartz movement. It is a luxury line, which is manufactured in steel or two-tone (steel and gold-plated), with metal bracelet. It is available in two sizes: small and large. The small Cartier Must 21 has a 28 mm case, hence it is a Cartier lady’s watch. The large Cartier Must 21 may come with a 31mm/34mm case, and could be considered a Cartier men’s wristwatch. The Cartier Must 21 line has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is water-proof guaranteed to 30 meters. The Cartier 21 Chronoscaph is the sporty side of the Cartier’s line 21. This watch is available in two sizes: the big, with a 38mm case (Cartier men’s watch); and the new 2007 small size, 32mm case (Cartier unisex/lady watch). You can choose 3 different options of this wristwatch: on black dial and black rubber strap, on white dial and white rubber strap, or black dial and stainless steel bracelet. The Cartier 21 Chronoscaph is ideal for using during the sports activities, including the aquatic, since it is water-resistant to 100 meters. The 21 Chronoscaph by Cartier is the highest expression of the most prestigious and reliable sports-style watches in the world.

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