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Baume & Mercier Vice-Versa Collection

Baume & Mercier Vice-Versa Collection first appeared in 2005 as a major evidence of the proper direction taken by Baume & Mercier’s company.
Until the creation of the Vice-Versa collection, there hasn’t been a watch concealed behind its bracelet. The Vice-Versa launching was, not only courageous but also exceptional, because of what this innovation meant. Baume & Mercier has always had the particular intention of being represented as a design studio of refined watch-making.
The Vice-Versa timepiece demonstrates a bent round buckle embellished with one, four or twelve diamonds around the bezel. The Vice-Versa watch is elegant and also readable and it offers a simple but effective way of forgetting about the time and diminishing its importance.

Baume & Mercier’s new creation was quickly spread all over the world and distributed in quantities of several tens of thousands of watches.

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