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Day/Date – A watch and/or movement that shows both the day and date.

Deployant: A type of buckle attached to the band or bracelet of a watch consisting of several hinged parts that open and expand to more easily put on and take off the watch.

Depth alarm: An alarm on a divers’ watch that sounds when the wearer exceeds a pre-set depth.

Depth sensor/depth meter: A device on a divers’ watch that determines the wearer’s depth by measuring water pressure. It shows the depth either by analogue hands and a scale on the watch face or through a digital display.

Dial: The watch face.

Digital watch: A watch that shows the time through digits rather than through a dial and hands (analogue) display.
Display back – An open back watch casing that allows the movement of the watch to be viewed easily.

Dual Time -Zone A watch that is capable, by means including several hour hands on the one face or several dials on the one face, of displaying more than one time zone at once eg The Rolex GMT Master 2 can show one time on its main face and another time can be independently set on the 24 hour hand.


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